Dantes Inferno

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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In his Divine Comedy, Dante strays from his path and becomes lost in a dark wooded area. The Roman Poet Virgil is sent down to the lost Dante to guide him through the circles of hell and towards his end destination of Paradise. In the first canto The Divine Comedy of Dante’s Inferno the two main characters Dante and Virgil and made apparent. Dante Alighieri develops his character Dante, into a man by the end of the comedy. In the beginning Dante is fearful; however his guide Virgil, encourages Dante to show courage on this journey. Dante’s and Virgil’s characters are developed in the Divine Comedy, however the characters are each developed differently. Virgil is used more in the development of Dante’s character. Dante’s character on the other hand is developed over the entire comedy with the help of the author and Virgil.

The development of Dante begins in the first Canto when he is lost in some woods and Virgil appears to him. Dante character in the first Canto shows fear on two occasions. The first sign of fear he expresses is when he tries to travel down the path towards paradise and the she wolf shows herself. Dante demonstrates his fear again when Virgil appears, as Dante yells “have pity on me…..whatever you may be- a shade, a man.” Dante’s dialogue shows his fear as he asks for mercy, before knowing whether or not the being that appeared to him wanted to harm him. As Dante and Virgil began to approach the entrance of hell, Dante began shows to fear as he begins wondering whether or not he should make the journey. Dante begins thinking about how Aeneas and St. Paul made the journey and begins doubting believes that he too should be included in this group. Virgil reproves Dante for his fear and tells him to have courage as Beatrice, the Virgin Mary, and St. Lucia all care for him. Dante upon hearing this decides that he is ready to begin his journey and tells Virgil to lead on. In the first two Cantos, Dante develops his character into a coward as he...
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