Dante's Inferno: The Ninth Circle

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Dante’s Inferno: The Ninth Circle

The book Inferno, by Dante Alighien, was written in the 14th century. Dante Alighien was born in Florence, Italy around 1265. He is considered to be “the Supreme Poet” of the Italian language and his works the Commedia are the single greatest literary works composed. The Commedia is split up into three different sections: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. The Inferno is Dante’s account of traveling through hell. He separates hell into nine different levels, each one worse than the one before. Each realm is called a “circle”. On his journey through hell, he is guided by an angel, Virgil. Virgil is sent to guide Dante by his love in life, who is not his wife, Beatrice. Beatrice awaits Dante in Heaven. In Dante’s, Inferno he places people that commit acts of treachery in the deepest circle of hell because of his own personal experiences.

The ninth circle of hell consists of traitors. Dante considers these to be among the worst people in hell. That is why he has placed them in the bottom realm. Here there are people who have betrayed their loved ones, families, political parties, countries, and benefactors. There are four sections in the ninth circle. They are the Caina, Antenora, Ptolomea, and Judecca. Dante places people in certain circles and sections of those circles depending on their acts in life.

In order to get from the 8th to the 9th circle of hell Dante must pass by the giants. The first giant is Nimrod. He has a biblical background which goes back to Genesis and the city of Babylon. This city was very corrupt and eventually tried to build a tower that would reach up to heaven. God was displeased with this and destroyed the tower and scattered all the people about Earth and tore apart their language so they were unable to understand each other. Hence the reason that Nimrod speaks gibberish that Dante cannot understand. The second giant is Ephialtes who comes from the time of the Greek gods. Him and his twin...
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