Dante's Inferno

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  • Published : March 8, 2009
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Dante’s Inferno Circle two, the sin of lust is a place where there are constant whirlwinds and where people who have affairs or not honest relationships. In the book two sinners that Dante has put there is Francesca and Paolo because Paolo is Francesca brother-in-law and they had an adult relationship together. The punishment of the sin of lust is that the sinners are in a constant whirlwind. The whirlwind is described in the book as “Here, there, up, down, they whirl and, whirling, strain/ with never a hope of hope to comfort them/ not of release, but even of less pain.” (Canto V. 37-39). An example of someone in history that would be in the second circle of lust is Hugh Heffner because he leads a very lustful life. Circle six, the sin of Heretics is a place where it is countryside in a vast cemetery where people stay who do not have a faith or believe in a god. In the book the sinner that Dante sends to the sixth circle is the souls of the Epicureans because they did not believe in a god. The punishment for the sin of heretics is that the sinners souls must lie in a burning tomb. The book describes the sixth circle’s look as “the uneven tombs cover the even plain/ such fields I saw here, spread in all directions/ except that here the tombs were chest of pain.” (Canto IIX. 112-116). An example of someone in history that would be considered to be in circle six is Hitler because he was an atheist, or someone who does not believe in a god. Work Cited Alghieri, Dante. The Inferno. Trans. John Ciardi. New York: Signet Classics, 2001.
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