Danny Rolling

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November 23, 2008


Danny Harold Rolling shall remain within the history of our criminal justice system as the most diabolical figure to emerge into society since his predecessor, Theodore Robert Bundy. Rolling had not managed to accumulate the same amount of murders as Bundy. However, he embarked upon a brutal tour, which succeeded to administer profound unrest into the heart of a community. Rolling was eventually apprehended by police and stood trial for the awful actions he had committed. Such deeds by which were regarded as not only legally deplorable, but also morally malevolent. In this paper, I shall present essential elements, to which served as prominent factors throughout the investigative and judicial process. I should hope to illustrate a vivid structure of facts, history, and testimony, which invokes the notion that Danny Rolling had to have been psychologically ill. Upon that notion, Rolling should not have been executed.

Gainesville, Florida was once recognized for its illustrious geography and pleasant community. How unfortunate for its citizens to have their notable community be transformed into an arena of terror and butchery (Steel, 2008). On August 26,, 1990, an officer received a call regarding a noise complaint. The officer responded to this, which transported him to the William Village Apartments. The maintenance engineer for the apartment complex was waiting upon him. He had introduced the officer to distressed parents, Frank and Patricia Powell. They expressed concern for their daughter, Christina. Apparently, she had not been in contact with anyone for several days. The parents had also indicated that Christina’s roommate, Sonja Larson, had also been missing. Larson had plans to meet with her mother the day prior; she however failed to fulfill the engagement (Arndorfer, 2005).

The officer along with the maintenance engineer proceeded toward the girls’ apartment to further inspect the matter. Upon arrival to the door, the men discovered the lock had been tampered with, thus made it challenging to access. They were forced to break a windowpane, which resulted in the dispersal of a vulgar odor from within the apartment. After entering the premises, they immediately located the mutilated corpse of a female. The corpse was position grotesquely upon a bed. The corpse was also nude with the arms extended over the head (Steel, 2008). A second female corpse was also located within the apartment. Both corpses had been slashed numerously with malice. Reports indicated that the corpses were purposefully positioned in a particular manner. The killer wanted to maximize the amount of shock effect. The horrific aftereffects proved rather successful. It managed to even mortify those who routinely deal with cases as such (Arndorfer, 2005).

Later that evening two deputies from the Alachua County, were called to investigate the absence of eighteen-year-old Christa Leigh Hoyt. Hoyt was employed as a records assistant at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Her co-workers had become worried of her absence. She had never missed a work-day and failed to respond to phone-calls made by the office. Once the deputies arrived at Hoyt’s apartment, they proceeded to knock on the front door, to which produced no response (Arndorfer, 2005). Hoyt’s vehicle remained parked nearby, which presented the likely notion that she may still be within her home. The deputies then began to knock zealously hoping that Hoyt had merely overslept. The deputies gained access to the backyard of the complex and they attempted to open the glass sliding door, however the entry was locked. (Steel, 2008).

The deputies bent over to peer below the shades and with the use of flashlights; they discovered what appeared to be a female, which was suspected to be Hoyt. The female was seated on a bed while hunched over at waist level. They first noticed a small pool of blood around her feet. The deputies then noticed that the...
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