Daniel X: Demons and Druids

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Daniel X: Demons and Druids

Over two hundred thirty million copies of the Daniel X series have been sold worldwide. The author James Patterson wrote Daniel X: Demons and Druids in collaboration with Adam Sadler. The publishing date is July 2010.In the book, Daniel X is an alien hunter who is looking for number three on his alien list of outlaws, Phosphorius Beta. “Think of a million or so angry wolves-on fire, that’s a pretty good approximation of number three”, well that’s how Patterson puts it. The epic battle between alien hunter and fire has begun. I enjoyed Daniel X because of the author’s action and how he weaves myths and fiction into the story, but I disliked Patterson’s writing style and several other points of the book. James Patterson’s novels are known for full on action, and adrenalin. An example of action and adrenalin is when Daniel X is caught by alien number forty-three on the alien list of outlaws; he turns back time and explodes number forty-three with a bomb. This is pure action because Daniel puts his life on the line to fulfill his mission to kill aliens. Another example of action and adrenalin is when Daniel X and his friends are get caught by vampirus sapiens. In the example of action and adrenalin, the action takes place when he transforms, but the adrenalin kicks in when the vampirus sapien loosened his grip on Daniel X’s hands. James Patterson excels at making abnormal events seem normal or regular. I liked how James Patterson placed Merlin the sorcerer and Arthur Pendragon in the story, and how he made Stonehenge, merely a monument a big part in his story. It is ironic that Patterson weaved Stonehenge, merlin, and druids together. When I think of druids I think of aliens or demons. Stories, Myths, and books say that druids built Stonehenge, but there isn’t any evidence that proves that they did. Druids are actually high priests of the Celts. The only reason why people believe that they...
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