Daniel X Book Report

Topics: James Patterson, Sigourney Weaver, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: November 6, 2011
September 19, 2011
James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
I would give this book a thumbs up because it had the ability to keep my attention, and most books don’t keep my attention. THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X is about a young boy named Daniel who is 15 years old. He is on a mission to kill aliens following a list until his parents’ killer is finally exterminated. This scientific fictional novel starts off with Daniel being a three year old boy, and his parents are attacked by an alien known as the Prayer. The Prayer wanted a list that Daniel’s parents had; a list called “A List of Alien Outlaws on Earth”. This list contained all of the names of aliens that were located on Earth. The Prayer was unsuccessful at getting the list, but he still killed Daniel’s parents. Daniel was born with a special talent that allowed him to create anything with his mind. He could also run extraordinarily fast, and he had superhuman strength. When the Prayer was in his house, Daniel transformed into a tick and latched onto the Prayer, escaping death. Once Daniel gets to be fifteen, he takes upon the role of being the Defender of Earth. He starts off playing this role by killing Orkng Jllfgna, the number 19 alien on the list, in the sewers of Portland, Oregon. Daniel was living by himself in Oregon, and he would “create” his family by using his brain, to keep him from being lonely. The Portland Runaway Juvenile Unit confronts Daniel at his house, and he barely passes their tests with his “imagined” parents. Feeling unsafe in Portland, Daniel heads to Los Angeles in search of Ergent Seth, the number six alien on the list. Once in Los Angeles, Daniel has to go to school to fit in with society, and at school he meets a pretty young girl named Phoebe Cook. Phoebe is new to the school as well, and Daniel ends up asking her to go on a date with him. One day when Daniel was looking for clues of Ergent Seth, he finds a child-slave and drug-dealing...
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