Dangers of Social Networks

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Samantha Vasquez Vasquez 1 Luke Lockhart
22 September 2012
Argumentation and Debate
The Dangers of Social Networks
1. Social Networks used by everyday people can cause harm and death to its users. How is this possible you might ask? Anyone, from anywhere in the world can create a fake profile, lie about their age, who they are, and send you a friend request. These fake identities can lead to cyber bullying, sexual assault, or worse death. 2. How many of you have friends on any of the social networks that you use, approve people that you do not know? I know I have a large amount of friends that I have never met in person, and I am sure you all have quite a few as well. Now think about it, those people could be anyone. Can you imagine all of the kids approving a bunch of random people, they do not know being able to come in contact with them? 3. I decided to do some research on social networks to see if there had been cases where kids were lured into meeting their “friends” they had meet on a social network and to show you what the outcome of fake profile uses have on cyber bullying. After hours of research I found that there had been many deaths and sexual assault cases because of the misuse of social networks. 4. Anyone can create a profile and lie about themselves. They can be anybody they want to be, come in contact with anyone, including young kids, or just create a fake profile to cyber bully someone for their own amusement. It took me to do research to realize that one of those random people I have as a friend on my Facebook or twitter account can easily send me a message saying hurtful things or trying to get me to meet them in person. Today I will inform you about the misuse of social networks and the outcome of those who were lured into meeting people in person or cyber bullied by those who used a fake profile....
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