Dangers of File Sharing over the Internet

Topics: Peer-to-peer, File sharing, Computer security Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Dangers of File Sharing Over the Internet
When the world has united to become one source of information and communication with the help of the internet, how can people refrain from sharing files and items among themselves? People have started using new forms of communication via the internet to make the process faster and for making the communication system much more efficient and effective. Internet has promoted another important process that is the sharing of files. Now you can share any type of files over the internet to any person in the whole world. Special peer to peer (P2P) programs are used for the same but there is one problem that arises in such situations and that is the issue and question of security. There are several myths that surround the sharing and downloading of files from different sources. The biggest myth related to the dangers of file sharing is that if the files are downloaded from a trusted source, they will not lead to any danger or problem. But the fact is that there are no trusted locations for the same. The dangers can be caused because of any factor. Some people also think that the worms transferred from the transferred or shared files can cause no harm. But that is the biggest myth because these worms have the power of corrupting all the systems of the world. Simple worms can lead to significant harms to the computer systems of people. There are several dangers that can be caused because of sharing of files over the internet. The biggest danger is the transfer of personal data. At times, when you are sharing files or data, the people receiving the same can use access to your computer for obtaining your personal files as well. This is one of the biggest problems that can be caused from the sharing of files. Loss of personal data can cause serious issues. The files can also lead to the downloading of unwanted viruses and worms in the system. Some viruses are so stubborn that no firewall or antivirus system can prevent them from...
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