Dangers of Drugs

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Dangers of Drugs

There are many persuasive arguments you can give to convince middle school students not start using drugs. One argument is the pain you would put your family through. Not only is it dangerous to using the drugs, it is also very dangerous to be around the people that sell the drugs. One of the best arguments I could give it the very harmful affects that the drug does to your body. There are endless arguments that you could give to students not to buy and use drugs but I believe those are the best arguments.

Using drugs are very dangerous to not only you but your family too. When people start using drugs, they do not think about the pain and suffrage that your family will have to go through. Your family will have to go through the challenge of overcoming your addiction with you, which will put a strain on your relationship with them. It would be very hard for your mother or father to see you using a dangerous drug. Not only will it affect you but it will affect the people that you love most.

When somebody said “drugs” they only think about using them. They do not think about the extremely dangerous people that you have to be around to get the drugs. These types of people are not nice, and could hurt you. These people have probably committed crimes and have been in prison. There is so much more to the word “drug” than people think about, such as the people you have to be associated with.

The first time that you use a drug nobody thinks that they will be addicted to it. When addiction takes place you have to use the drug everyday, even multiple times a day. After using the drug for so long is does major damage to your lunges, mouth, skin, liver, kidneys, and even your facial features. These are major parts of the body and most are replicable. Using drugs after awhile will eventually kill you. After learning that all those things that take into account when using drugs- would you ever try them?

After hearing three great arguments...
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