Dangers of Childhood Immunizations

Topics: Immune system, Vaccine, Vaccination Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Childhood Immunizations:
Are we unknowingly putting our children’s health in danger? February 4, 2013

Evidence Supporting Thesis
“In order to understand the ‘safety’ of vaccines, you have to know several things, including how a baby’s immune system works from birth onwards, and what vaccines do biochemically in the body. That work has never been done.” Found in the book Just a Little Prick by Hilary Butler

No one medical treatment will work the same way on every person it is used on, so why would we expect for generalized vaccines to work the same way in every child? It is merely impossible to know how your child’s immune system will respond to vaccines, but there are consequences set in place for parents like myself who do not believe in giving annual vaccines. For example: if your child’s vaccines are not up to date, then your child is not allowed to go to school, be involved in team sports, and a host of other activities. Main Points

Studies have not been done to show how each individual vaccine affects the body in both positive and negative ways. Alternative measures should be available for those parents who are against vaccinating their children. More studies need to be conducted to see what role, if any, vaccinations play in the behavioral aspect of a child’s development. Studies have not been done to show how each individual vaccine affects the body in both positive and negative ways. What are the positive effects that vaccines have on a child’s body? Vaccines can help to prevent some of the serious complications that occur as a result of serious diseases. Vaccines help to ensure that if a child comes in contact with a disease, they will only develop a mild case of the disease versus a child never having the vaccine who develops a natural immunity to the disease which will in turn cause the non-vaccinated child to have very severe complications. Varicella Infection leads to Pneumonia if no vaccine has been given. Polio Infection leads to...
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