Dangers of Barbie Girl

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Dangers of Barbie Girl

Toys started out as children’s entertainment, but have toys always just been for entertainment? Or can they affect the way a child develops, or interprets the world around them? The toys you play with as a child send messages that can influence your idea of what is socially acceptable. Toys teach you how to become who you are because of the roles they play. Media plays a major role in that, if you have a certain toy that comes out in a TV series, you play with the toy the way the media portrays the toy to be used. There are many different examples of how toys reinforce social norms. For example, Barbie is a doll that many young girls praise for her beauty and the social life media puts on her. Barbie is only one of many popular toys that subliminally sends a message of female gender roles to young children. Even though Barbie just seemed like a doll to play with, she makes it desirable to grow up to the cult of domesticity, which reinforces the traditional lifestyle that has been imposed upon women.

Barbie creates the cultural myth that to be beautiful women must look like her. Barbie gives the impression that everyone should look like her in order to be beautiful. This impression gives the idea for girls to accept the fact that when they grow up they will fall under the cult of domesticity. I’m not saying that all girls belong to the cult will, but it creates the idea that they might grow up to be housewives and that it is okay because Barbie sets a great example.

The cult of domesticity revolves around being the center of the family. In the cult of domesticity women are suppose to be perfect in virtue, delicate, passive. Women in the home were honored and seen as extremely important and respected. To be a woman was honored to the extreme. Women were the queens of their home and played the important role in preserving the family's memory and caring for the children and husband. People believe that women are the glue of the family...
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