Dangerous Technology

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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English 1010
5 October 2012
Dangerous Technology
Many people have one. Some have more than one. Odds are pretty good that yours is within reaching distance right now. “What is it?”, you may ask. The answer is simple: the almighty cell phone. Although cell phones allow easy and quick communication, they are starting to create problems in today’s society: they distract drivers, they interrupt social interaction, and society is unaware of any long term medical issues they could create. One of the most dangerous issues with cell phones is people using them while driving. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. If someone is reading or sending a text, or even talking on the phone, they are not paying full attention to the road, making it hazardous for themselves and those around them. It has become enough of an issue that many states have passed laws that make using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle illegal. It is a severe issue with inexperienced drivers, who need as few distractions as possible. Many schools are even stepping up and asking students to pledge not to use their cell phones while driving. Although they are an amazing piece of technology, they are beginning to create social barriers in today’s society. They allow us to always be connected to one another, which is creating a social dependency on being connected. Cell phones are replacing face to face communication. There’s no need to make time in our schedules for people we consider important because they are just a text message away. Many people can’t go without their phones for fear of missing out. It’s like an unspoken anxiety problem. Because of this dependency, cell phones are becoming distractions in social settings. So much that even movie theatres ask their guest to please silence or turn off their cell phones for the presentation. There are some who can’t even be without them to watch a ninety minute movie, for which they paid a pretty penny to see. Just as there are some who...
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