Dangerous Rip Currents

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Seth Ilae
Dangerous Rip Currents

Most peoples biggest fear about the ocean is being attacked by sharks; although, what they really should be worried about is drowning in the oceans strong currents with nothing to grab or hold on to and nothing around them but water. Many underestimate the strength and the aggressiveness of the rip tides that have the ability to pull them out to sea and eventually take their life. Rip tides are the most hazardous natural disaster for people that go to the beach on a regularly basis. It is also recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that more then 80% of life guard Rescues are caused by rip currents. A rip current is a strong flow of water running on the surface from a beach back to the open ocean, sea, or lake. Over 100 drownings a year in the united states are due to rip currents as they suck the victim out to sea leaving the swimmer in distress and unable to swim back. Most victims suffer from either the lack of swimming skills, panic, or the loss of energy. An example of the latest research about rip currents show that in Florida they have the highest deaths than there other natural disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms, lightening and tornadoes combined.

4.5 Billion years ago when earth was being made, Gasses would seek through molted rock, huge clouds of gasses form in the atmosphere, some left to outer space, as the heavier elements sank in to the core, the light elements stayed on the planet such as hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, planet Earth was handed by mother nature its magnificent ocean. Most of the water on this earth today was here 4 billion years ago, but still today new water is being produced due to erupting volcanos.

Waves form from two different ways, one being the moon, and the other being wind. The moon has a gravitational pull that pulls the water in the ocean. since the moon is a lot smaller compared to the earth, the pull isn’t very strong and the water...
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