Dangerous Obedience: My Definition

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Dangerous Obedience: My Definition
All humans are expected to be obedient in one way or another. What is important is that we do not be obedient to the wrong people or the extent of causing harm to ourselves or to the people around us. In order to define obedience, one must know it’s purpose in life and why there is obedience in the first place. Obedience is following rules set by people of authority. This authority can be defined by who we are intimidated by or who we feel we should listen to at all times. This could be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, or someone who is an expert.

Obedience by definition is the compliance with what someone has asked or told you to do. This can be both positive and negative. There are two experiments done by scientists that were used to measure obedience and how far people would go in order to “just follow the rules”. In both experiments, the people involved were told that it was indeed an experiment and they were taken into a lab setting to perform these experiments. But the conclusions gathered were both very similar.

In Stanley Milgrim’s experiment, people were asked to go into a room where there was a long row of shock levels. The “teacher” or the person administering these shocks was told to ask the “learner”, or the person receiving these shocks, to say a word and give a list of words that would correspond to the first word. If the learner said the wrong answer, they were given a shock by the teacher. When the learner would start screaming due to the pain they were enduring because of the shocks, some of the teachers became uneasy and asked to stop, but the experimenter observing would tell them to continue no matter what. Very few people acting as teachers left the experiment because they didn’t want to hurt the person anymore. Although the person on the other side was not hurt at all, the person doing the shocking didn’t know that during the experiment. The fact that the majority of the people involved...
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