Dangerous Minds

Topics: Academy Award, Academy, Award Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 26, 2008
Chapter 1:
Question1: Describe the various obstacles Raul faces on his road to high school graduation? Answer: first of all is the lack of his economy problem; he rather buys the jacket on the street than in the store, because he thought he never got the good deals in stores. He didn’t fully pay the man who had sold him the blue down jacket; he decided to pay him later when he had the money, then he bet with the guy Julio $20 who wants him to stand outside in the middle of the parking lot for 20 minutes while it was raining if he could make it. He’d also be the first person in all the generations of his family to graduate. Ms Johnson knew that every day he was tempted to drop out and find a job to help support his large family. She also knew that he wanted an education. He decided to make something up because nobody never ever did something nice for him like Ms Johnson that he can remember before now. He was a jokester of his posse, a group of four Hispanic boys; Raul often failed his courses because his friends counted on him for entertainment during class and encouraged him to act the fool. Now, by accepting their encouragement and succeeding on his own, without their support, he had become a stranger. They taunted him and tried to distract him during class. When the other boys realized that raul was not going to be intimidated, they gave up and halfheartedly joined him. He only ate beans everyday, because his family didn’t have much money; also there was pressure from his father to get a full-time job so that he could contribute to the family’s meager income. He was stabled by Alberto Mendoza who jealoused at him about the academy awards. I think he can overcome these obstacles because he had the confidence and potential. I felt I been faced some of the similar obstacles in reaching my own academic goals. Like study attitude and study method, but I’m still working on it, I believe my hard-working would be proved. Question 2: refer to the “Academy awards” on...
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