Danger of Diet Pills Research

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Diet pills have become a very popular supplement to assist people in weight loss. However, diet pills raise many concerns: are they safe, do they really work, and are the results permanent? In “Health Controversy Surrounds Diet Pills,” Robyn Melamed effectively employs logos through factual information, establishes ethos by citing trustworthy sources, and initiates pathos by relaying touching stories to inform Americans about the risks and benefits of taking diet pills. The author shows the readers both sides of the controversy surrounding diet pills by alerting the readers to a tragic story and by sharing a very successful weight loss story. She also uses reputable sources such as the FDA, Cantox Health Universities, and University Health services to emphasize the effects of ephedrine. Lastly, Melamed provides the readers with facts and statistical information to gain the reader’s trust. The first thing the readers will notice about the article is that author illustrates beliefs and general knowledge about diet pills to build logos for her argument. Melamed employs logical appeals to expose the fallacy about natural herbs to prove the negative side of diet pills. She states in her article that when consumers think of herbs, they automatically assume that natural substances are safe (Melamed). It seems that people logically think herbs and natural substances are safe to consume. This logic seems to be obvious to the readers. However, she juxtaposes the “common sense” logic with the scientific logic of doctors and nutritionists to draw attention to the misconception. The author stresses the flawed assumption about diet pills to highlight the negative aspects; this will help get the message across the reader that herbs are not always safe as they sound. Through this example, the readers are given enough information to avoid the misconception about diet pills. To balance out her argument, Melamed also highlights the positive aspects of diet pills by referring to...
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