Dandy-Walker Cyst: Symptoms

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Richard F. Baltzell
GE117 Dr. Blair 8-14-08
My Audience: will be teenagers and up whose doesn’t know about Dandy-Walker Cyst. I’m trying to teach them about Dandy Walker Cyst and help them understand with the people whose have it. My life with Dandy-Walker Cyst

In this paper you will learn about Dandy Walker Cyst. The second thing you will learn part of my life about I am living with Dandy Walker Cyst. The third thing you will learn what symptoms are for Dandy Walker Cyst. This disorder has different names goes by Dandy Walker Syndrome, Dandy Walker Malformation, Dandy Walker Cyst, and Dandy Walker Variant. I interviewed my mom Dolly Arbuckle. She gave these facts about me and my early years in the interview: “You were born on October 13, 1980 at 3:07p.m. at Allen Memorial Hospital in Oberlin, OH. By 7 or 8 months I was worried because you didn't start babbling and making baby noises. By 13 months the doctor said I have nothing wrong with me but I have fluid behind my ear drums. The doctor said if I didn’t start talking by 3 then they would be worried. By 3, my mom was very worried. I took you to a specialist who got you in to a special needs pre-school and also into testing at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.” While the study was going on, I was one of the very first people to use a MRI machine for free. At that time, MRI wasn’t approved in America and in the 1980’s it was new technology. That means I was a guinea pig for this test. When the doctors did the MRI on me they found something on my brain stem. They thought it was a cyst, but later on they changed it to an undeveloped spot in my brain. (They were right along about it was a cyst, right after I had my very first seizure back in 2005) But back in the 1980's, there was no such thing as Dandy Walker Cyst. My doctors told my mom that on the memory tests I had a grown adult memory. The study lasted 8 years and without finding the diagnosis at the time. While I was in the study my doctors recorded me on the video a lot of times for the neurology seminars around America. I am famous in the medical field community, because I have been in unexplained disorders movies. My mom talks to people who are in medical field about me. Sometimes she found someone remembered me in those movies. The last time she found someone around 10 years ago. The doctors remembered me by my first name only, Richie. I went to a special needs pre-school for almost 3 years. Then they tried regular kindergarten, but without being able to talk, I was too frustrated to handle it. For 1st and 2nd grades I was in deaf children’s classes in another city. My mom hated it because my hearing was perfectly fine and whenever they taught me alternative forms of commutation, she thought I might lose my speech skills which we had worked hard on. My dad hated one of them and I don’t remember what it was. My family and I moved to Noblesville, IN back in 1989. So I could be closer to my Grandparents and better school system’s there as well. I was in Special Needs classes and regular classes from 3rd grade to 12th grade. I had commutation books from 3rd grade up to 5th grade. One day in my 6th grade my speech teacher asked me do you want to talk better and no more commutation books? I said heck yes to her. My speech teachers and I did that until my last day I was a senior in Noblesville High School. (I’m Class of 99) Since then I haven’t gone back to meet with someone who can help me on my speech. But I am working with a company to get me help with my speech. I have working with them since May of 07 and they are not doing their jobs very well. I had my very first seizure in my lifetime on night of November 5, 2005. Only thing I remembered was I was talking to my step mom Jae while she lay down on her hospital bed and I was kneeling on the floor beside her bed on the first floor of my dad's old house. About 45 minutes of talking I had a dazing feeling in my head about 3 seconds then I blacked out....
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