Dancing to the Music

Topics: Mind, Debut albums, Thought Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: July 12, 2011
It wasn’t far from striking midnight when she felt a deep urge to dance. Her mind was overflowing with endless thoughts. She was confused; the decision she had to make wasn’t at all easy. It needed a different way of thinking than what she was used to; the one she was forced to forget. She needed a refuge, and for her it wasn’t anything other than a wide empty room with walls covered with mirrors and some of her favorite songs.

Chapter 1

She took her tracks and headed for her favorite place on earth. Dancing was her life; she couldn’t live without it. It freed her her from everyday worries, even relieved her resident wounds, and on some days it was the only reason why she’d get out of bed in the morning. She put on her dancing outfit, set the recorder and stood in the middle of the wide, empty red-floored room. It was, by coincidence, that the first track was the one she loved to dance most to. It was the song that had always described best her feelings and even her whole life in some of its lines with its romantic, yet mysteriously gloomy tune.

The music was sensational, inviting her arms to stretch and her legs to spin, and her mind to drift. Her eyes were watching every move she made, as if they were embracing her body in utter tenderness. Her feet were touching the ground gently, flying in the air and hitting the ground again. Her hair blew with every direction she turned to, landing finally on her stimulated face. She was finally relaxed enough to start thinking again, this time more peacefully. She was trying to search inside herself and travel deeper through her soul. She hadn’t done that in years and that’s why it was a bit difficult. She had been trying to avoid doing that for a very long time. She was afraid of what she would find, although it wasn’t unpredictable. Finally, she decided to take the chance and let herself into her heart, for this time it was worth all what she might go through. Once she succeeded to enter, her mind was set clear...
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