Dancing Throught the World Ch 1 Notes

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Chapter 1 Notes
The impulse to move is the raw material that cultures shapes into evocative sequences of physical activity that we call DANCE -So intensely personal is dance, so closely linked to cultural identity. -Some people disagree abou the meaning and value of dance that is results in confusion, anger, and violence. Cambodia-

-The royal treasury supported thousands of court dancers who played a central role in the fertility rights and ancestor worship. -King jayavarman VII paid honor to spirits of his mother and father by adding over 3 thousand dancers to those already in service.

-The king had an all-female troupe known as “the king’s dancers”
-the star of the troupe was the daughter of Prince Sihanouk (the last reigning monarch)
-the royal dancers were hunted down, imprisoned and put to death.
-35 royal dancers escaped from the killing fields and formed the Khmer classical dance
-each troupe claims to be the true embodiment of the ancient tradition. -Wedding dances are traced back to the Judeo-Christian tradition, dancing is kept separate from the ceremony itself. Demonstrates the uniting of two families. Tahitian-

-dance is again a significant part of Tahitian social life.
-words of many traditional chants have been lost or are no longer understood.
-perform gender-specific steps.
-tamure: the dance with Tahitians do in nightclubs and dance halls (fuses western-style couple dancing with traditional Tahitian body movements -embody important aspect of these societies (both nurtured by judeo Christian tradition) -The relationship between the dancer and the audience is at the heart of one of the world’s oldest uses of dance- the dance performed for an invisible audience of spirits, ancestors, deities and other entities whose good will is considered necessary to the well- being of the community.

-arid southwest, have native American societies managed to keep their traditional dances intact in the face of efforts by outsiders....
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