Dances with Wolves and Lt. Dunbar

Topics: Sioux, Dances with Wolves, South Dakota Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Dances with Wolves Film Review

Film Information:
Title: Dances with Wolves
Lead Actors: Kevin Costner and Mary McDonnell
Release date: 1990
Studio: TIG Productions and Majestic Films International
Is considered a Fiction Movie. Although the film was added to the Library of Congress stating it as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."(Library of Congress). Map of Film Location:

Here is map of where the movie took place. Most of the movie was filmed on location in South Dakota, mainly near Pierre and Rapid City, with a few scenes filmed in Wyoming. “Specific locations included the Badlands National Park, the Black Hills, the Sage Creek Wilderness Area, and the Belle Fourche River area”( The buffalo hunt scenes were filmed at the Triple U Buffalo Ranch outside Fort Pierre, South Dakota, as were the Fort Sedgwick scenes, the set being constructed on the property.

Dances with Wolves is the story of Lt. Dunbar, whose exploration of the Western frontier becomes emulated in a search for his own identity. The film is shot as a narrative in continuous development, with Dunbar providing a voice-over narrative in the guise of journal entries. It begins dramatically with the badly wounded Dunbar who would rather choose death than allow the amputation of his foot. He charges the Confederate lines and so, unwittingly, becomes a hero. Allowed to choose his posting, Dunbar opts for the frontier. His increasing loneliness drives him to seek consolation with the neighboring Indian tribe. Gradually he is accepted as a member of the tribe, which in the America of the Civil War (1861-64) is seen as desertion. In order to spare the tribe anymore retribution from the army, he leaves with his wife (Stands with a Fist) for the wilderness. The movie takes place on the western frontier. This is where Lt. Dunbar sought to explore. While on the frontier he encountered the Lakota Indians. With this the...
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