Dance with Wolves

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Sioux, Dances with Wolves Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Michael Nguyen
Mr. Arnold
U.S. History, period 4
Dance with wolves summary
In 1863, John J. Dunbar was injured in the American Civil War. Rather than having his leg amputated, he takes a horse and rides up to the Confederate front lines, distracting them in the process. The roused Union army then attacks and the battle ends a Confederate rout. After recovering and receiving a citation for bravery, He was awarded Cisco and decided to transfer to the western frontier so he can see its vast terrain before it goes. But when he arrived Fort Sedgwick, his new post was abandoned and in disrepair. He decided to stay, started to rebuild and restock, recorded many of his observations in his journal.

Sioux - Native American and First Nations people in North America - tried to steal Dunbar’s horse and intimidate him. In response, He decided to take a trip to Sioux camp. On his way, he saved Stands With A Fist - the white adopted daughter of the tribe’s medicine man Kicking Bird- after seeing she tried to injure herself in mourning of her deceased husband. He returned her to the Sioux, which changed their attitude toward him. After that, Dunbar started to communicate with Kicking Bird and warrior Wind Is His Hair, and Stands With A Fist, though with difficulty remembering her English, became translator.

Dunbar finds himself drawn to the lifestyle and customs of the tribe and begins spending most of his time with them. Learning their language, he becomes a hero among the Sioux and is accepted as an honored guest after he locates a migrating herd of buffalo and participates in the hunt. While living at Fort Sedgwick, he befriended a wolf he dubbed “Two Socks” for its white forepaws and when the Sioux saw Dunbar and Two Socks chasing each other, they give him his Sioux name “Dance With Wolves”. During this time, Dunbar fell in love with Stand With A Fist and married her.

Because of the growing Pawnee and white threat, Chief Ten Bears decides to move the tribe to...
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