Dance Summary

Topics: Dance, Tap dance, Social dance Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Dance is a form of art, a type of that involves movement of the body, a form of expression, social interaction, exercise, spiritual or performance setting. Dance is performed in many cultures and religions. Dance as a form of art is also a nonverbal form of communication between humans or animals. It has evolved drastically throughout history.

A choreographer is a person who creates dance compositions and plans arrange dance movements and patterns for dances. The art of choreography is a demanding and difficult task for even the most advanced artists. Improvisation in which the choreographer provides dancers with general directions that serves as guidelines for improvised movements and form. Planned choreography, in which the choreographer tells the dancer the motions and form in detail, in so leaves no opportunity for the dancer to exercise their own personal interpretation. Mirroring, retrograde, canon, levels, shadowing, and unison are several techniques that are commonly used in choreography for two or more dancers. Most of all choreographers use the elements of space, time, and energy whenever they create a dance. Many people’s motivation for dancing is different. Most began dancing as a child, usually because their parent enrolls them in dance class. Others start dancing as a form of relaxation allowing them to relieve stress and tension. Most dancers say that dance is their passion and that they are not happy or fulfilled unless they are moving or performing. The Audience, which is watching dance, is captured by the movement and the stunts that are performed. Viewing dance is thrilling, enlightening, exciting, mesmerizing. When watching dance it can give us information about ourselves or the world that we live in. Dance can touch people in the deepest ways. Ballet is another type of dance. Classical and contemporary ballet is still popular today. There are about thirty major nationally and internationally known professional ballet companies in the...
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