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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Ghost Dances Christopher Bruce
Theme ----> Political opression in Chille
His influences include; 1) Being asked to create a piece in memory of those lost due to chillean political opression. 2) Folkmusic by Inti-illimani. 3) South American traditions, such as the dead living on within other people and mask dances.

The piece has 7 sections and 11 dancers (5 women and 6 men)

Dance style - Folk dance, ballet and modern.

Accompaniment: Traditional folk music by inti-illimani.

Costume: By Belinda Scarlet.. Men in suits and pants with women in skirts and dresses, giving a traditional stereotype. Skirts extend movement of the women. Rags and trailing elements show the disintergration of the dead. The ghosts wear masks, matted hair and body paint. The paint defines their body shape and higlights the contours of their bodies as theymove. Masks add mystery and eeriness.

Lighting: By Nick Chelton.. Green lighting when the ghosts dance to add eeriness. Red lights when 3 women are suspended in the air, red showing danger and death. Lighting is also used to highlight other deaths and change in scene.

Set: Remains the same throughout. Landscape backdrop, dark to fit morbid theme. Meant to show the mouth of a cave (entry to the underworld?) Rocks at the back of the stage are used by dancers as they remain on stage throughout the performance. Constant presence of the ghosts = chillean people were always being watched.

Action: Reptile like movements by ghosts, like they are hunting their prey. Natural human actions by pesants (sighing and play fighting) showing emotion. Repetition of a squat positions with arms stretched out to audience, shows asking for help and their urgency.

Swansong... Christopher Bruce
The work of amnesty international (setting theme of prisoners/torture) Saying goodbye to his dancing career... Dictionary def. of 'Swansong'... a person's last work or act before death or retirement. Structure...
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