Dance Piece

Topics: Dance Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Spring 2012 WOU Dance Concert – performance was viewed 11 May 2012 Voicing Acceptance
Attending the Spring Dance concert was a fun learning experience. I am glad that this was a required assignment for this dance class because if it was not required I am sure I would not have attended . The variety of dances have taught me different things, and one of them is that you do not have to do complex moves in order to dance. The dance I have decided to write about is Voicing Acceptance choreographed my Nancy Sorensen. There are many reasons why I have chosen to do my paper on this specific dance. I will discuss how the sound or movement, lighting,movement and females/males contribute to the overall success of the dance piece. First, I will discuss the message of the dance piece and how the sound/music contribute to the achievement of dance piece . The dance was about students expressing their feelings towards dance. Each of them did a recording of them speaking and that recording was played at the While the recording was playing the student was dancing. I like the sound and music because it supported the dance. The dance just as the music and sound was soft and emotional. The students were really good at expressing the music and what they feel with facial expressions. For example some of them were smiling and some were serious. The dance piece supports the title because hey are voicing their personal opinion on why they are attracted to dance.As the sound was playindg there was a pattern I saw which was that every student would dance as their recording was playing.

The lighting on stage made this dance piece be even better. The lighting during the dance was great. When everyone was dancing the light was constant. But, when a particular student was dancing they would use a spot light on him or her. I really liked the idea of putting a spot light on each student when their recording was playing, because we as the could identify the student. While the student was...
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