Dance; Healthy Body and Mind

Topics: Self-esteem, Self image, Self Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Grade 10 Research Project
“Describe the benefical effects of dance on health, self-esteem, and self-image.”

Dance has many beneficial effects. Not only is dance a form of movement and personal expression but it gives dancers the ability to an entire new outlook on like as itself. Dance completes this by profiting a healthy life style, self- esteem, and self-image.

Although underestimated, dance is an extreme form of exercising. (Crystal,7) Dancing is a great, fun way to stay healthy as it burns calories, improves strength in bones and joints, and contends to a greater coordination. Movement is one of the ways in which can benefit people in their health, emotional, and mental levels ( physically, and emotionally)Dancers need to maintain a proper, specific diet and also a schedule to exert a specific amount of energy daily. This diet contains of 50-60 % of carbohydrates for long lasting energy.(Jacob,3) Dance can sufficiently keep an overall healthy body managing flexibility, endurance, strength, and sense of well being. Being a full body work out, dance can be an exciting, expressful, beneficial way of toning, stretching, and enduring your body.

Dance can simply change the way that you think and see yourself as a whole. It increases self confidence and self esteem by providing an outlet of self expression and the opportunity to learn while doing wonders to tone the body. Dance also increases the mind and body connection that can change the overall mood in one’s mind. As most people do not accept their body image,(John,6) being dedicated to dance can make one see themselves healthier over time. Also, as you see your body change and develop its own desired goal, can make you feel more comfortable about your total body image. As a result in being more confidant in your body can, and will change the way that you see yourself and interrupt life in general.

Self esteem means having self pride in yourself. Children, teenagers,...
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