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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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The qualities of good dancer

a good dancer in my opinion is one who dances for the luv of it. to be good at anything one has to understand and appreciate a thing deeply. a dancer must feel every beat and move to it. he/she must dance to the music like a wave dancing upon the sea. the two should be one. dance is a visible translation of music. a good dancer must realize dis. n most importantly, they should know that it's not the mechanical perfection but the heart which matters in dance(: once u realize dis, confidence, rythm, beat, co-ordination will all come to you naturally. confidence...sense of rythym..flexibility 2 a certain extent, What he/she needs is grace and charm, good innate sense of rhythm, and to joyfully seek creativity in his/her dance. |

YOU should have a flexible body. 2. NEW STEPS. 3. EXPRESSIONS should be great. 4. DANCING should be synchronous to the music. 5. INVOLVE with the audience. 6. and YES,smile!! IT usually works | | | | | | | | First off, most people don't know what a dancer's body is and they say that if someone is lean and has long limbs. In reality a dancer's body has a lot to do with their bone structure, their facility and their line. Ballet dancers are not particularly tall or short. They generally range from 5' 3"- 5' 7" in height. There are exceptions on both sides of the spectrum. They really aren't attractive bodies. Very gangly with long legs, arms and neck and a short torso. Because of their natural turnout they walk funny, and their feet look more like a monkey's hand in the way they form the letter "C" when pointed. Like a swan on water, they look lovely on stage dancing, but also like a swan on land they look awkward when not. Only 2% of the population is born with that body type.Other than ballet bodies, other types of dancers have more normal type bodies but they have no fat and are solid muscle. They too must have great facility but don't need the...
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