Dance as a Commodity

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Dance as a Commodity

In many countries there are many dances, for example in Brazil there is the Samba. A dance that shows passion, energy & excitement/fun. These three things show what it is like during many Brazilian celebrations like Carnival. It also shows what their culture is like. In many ways the Samba is a reflection of Brazil's life & culture because of the various moves and energies involved.

Samba and other dances are important to culture, history and traditions. In Brazil it is very important to them because of the many events they have like Carnival, Tiradentes, Corpus Christi, All Souls day and Republic Day. All of these events are celebrated with different dances and traditions that make the Samba regularly used. When people think of the Samba most people would not know that the Samba has more than one version. The Samba has 7 different styles each for a different place and the theme of the event or place. Each style is unique using multiple dances to create an individual emotion or emotions for other people.

Alma Guillermoprieto said "There is no point to Samba if it doesn't make you smile." This shows that it is supposed to be a fun dance that must be enjoyed for it to be really used in the way it was created. Another quote proves that all dances are cultural, "What a man dance, was his tribe, his social custom, his religion." This shows that although all dances are built on social background, religion etc they are all unique in different ways. Sambistas (dancers) make the dance smooth and effortless by the style and skill involved with this particular dance. This helps make it unique because most dances look difficult and hard, showing that Samba is truly a rare dance. There are many facts that show the Samba is unique, like the many styles it has really shows that it is popular. Plus the importance of the dance in Brazil is that "The Samba dance originated in Brazil, so it has been part of their culture for many years." quote from...
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