Dance Appreciation Viewing Assignment

Topics: Emotion, Choreography, Dance Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Mihir Shukla

A: abstract
B: ballet
C: contemporary
D: distraught
E: emotional
F: frenzied
G: graceful
H: harmonious
I: integrated
J: joyous
K: kinetic
L: loving
M: manipulative (body-wise)
N: nimble
O: organized
P: peaceful
Q: qualitative
R: resonance
S: separation
T: transient
U: ubiquitous
V: "Virtuosity" (Unit 1 term)
W: willful
X: xeransis
Y: youthful
Z: zealous

2. A limit does not exist within the vast pool of terminology which could be utilized to depict this beautifully choreographed dance piece by Benjamin Millepied. My impression was first molded by the organization of this dance; how it is divided into three portions, all equally responsible for the delivery of its emotions, as well as its overall message. This work begins with the lone male soloist, and in accorance the kinetic aspects of his dance, it can be interpreted that he is somewhat distraught. Furthermore, there are several manuevers and bodily manipulations within the form of this dance, its abstractness also defines its contemporary nature. As the second portion of this dance unfolds, it can be stated that a sense of love enters the floor with the beautiful female soloist; her graceful, willful movements enhance the dance as it seems to take on a more zealous temperament. Ultimately, the third aspect of this dance, the duet - Pas de Deux, shows transiency to a more harmonious movement, as the resonance between the two soloists is apparent. This ballet allows for both peace and chaos, it can be thought of as a representation of life itself, with its transitions from different moods shown through the movements of the dancers.

3. Within our reading this week there are many quotations that represent the true nature of dance relative to its multiple forms and styles. Of all the statements provided, the statement which was the most representative of this particular dance, in my view, was written by Walter Sorell; it stated, "Movement is...
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