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Question 1
To my opinion, Danaher exploits the following sources of synergy: 1. Transferring knowledge and skills that relate to the DBS system across all existing and newly acquired firms within the company. DBS is a collection of tools, skills and knowledge developed in the company over the years. This broad system is central to Danaher’s synergy efforts and its motto is continuous improvement. The system spans planning, deployment and execution of various activities and processes firm-wide and acts as a “handbook” on how to operate the businesses in the most efficient and value-creating way. Sharing of this knowledge and skills is achieved mainly through training by DBSO and immersion of employees and managers. For example, case mentions ECO implementation in the Radiometer acquisition and how this event was instrumental in cutting costs and streamlining processes. 2. Business platforms – Danaher has organized its businesses under several growth platforms as opposed to being individual entities. Each platform is led by a company that is considered a key player in the market it operates in. Each newly acquired company is folded into one of the existing platforms. This structure allows every platform company to share resources, activities and knowledge. 3. M&A activity – the corporate M&A team worked with BD in each of the platforms as well as with Strategy Development on all transactions. By doing so, Danaher shared the M&A activity across the entire company and also promoted an exchange of knowledge that relates to strategy, BD and M&A within the firm and between companies. 4. Danaher brand – The Danaher brand is well-known in the industry for high-quality, commitment to the customer, value and more. As such, much synergy is created by the fact the all the operating companies share this brand. 5. Sharing of global expansion platforms – Danaher is using some of its overseas acquisitions as a base for further expansion to other markets and...
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