Dan Harras

Topics: Holy Grail, Narrator, Microsoft Narrator Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Dan Harras
AP Lit Period 6
Mr. Smyrk
October 13, 2011


1. The narrator wants to go to the bazaar because the girl that he yearns for wanted to go. She thinks that it is a god idea and could be fun and she is upset that she can’t go. The narrator says that he will buy something for her. 2. He arrives so late because he has a long dinner with Mrs. Mercer, a pawnbroker’s widow. Also because his uncle does not get home until later and he needs his uncle to give him money for the bazaar. 3. The narrator doesn’t buy anything for Mangan’s sister because when he gets to one of the open booths, he does not feel wanted by the lady who is selling the items. This turns him off of buying anything. 4. When the narrator arrives at Araby, the place is shutting down. The narrator has missed the main attractions of the bizarre and there is nothing left except for a few stalls, one of which he doesn’t buy anything at because he feels like he is not of interest to the workers there. These events do not live up to its magical name because there is nothing magical happening there. 5. The narrator expects to find “Eastern Enchantment” at Araby. These expectations arose from the feelings that the narrator experienced from the words of the “brown-clad figure” . Her words gave the narrator a sense of joy, which he then associated with the bazaar that the girl was talking about. 6. The girl intoxicates the narrator because she is something that is different from the boring, dull life of Dublin. She does nothing to advance these feelings, all she does is talk about the bazaar that is happening, and this fills the narrator’s mind with ideas of the magnificent east and give the narrator feelings that he doesn’t normally experience. He sees something that he doesn’t see everyday, something that contrasts with the dull reality of Dublin. 7. James Joyce doesn’t mention the narrator’s affections until the third paragraph, because he is setting up the...
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