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  • Topic: Taipei 101, Tuned mass damper, Earthquake engineering
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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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I. The first structure element of Taipei 101 is its tuned mass damper. As we know, earthquake and typhoon always occur in Taipei [Video presentation: effect of earthquake]. On 12 May 2008 a province in China experienced an earthquake which the tremors to be felt in Taiwan. So what is the best way to protect the skyscraper from collapse when the disasters occur? As skyscraper Taipei 101 installs the tuned mass damper insert the building on at level 87th to 91th. A. To ensure the tuned mass damper can be use in longest period time, the suitable materials are selected. 1. The tuned mass damper consists of 41 circular steel plates each with height of 12.5cm welded together to form a 5.5m diameter sphere which weight 730 tons [Picture slide show presentation of tuned mass damper].

2. According to Kourakis (2005), massive wire cables is used to support the tuned mass damper become like pendulum.

3. According to Kelleher (n.d), the eight massive steel cables are acting like conventional spring to support the tuned mass damper and it also support by eight hydraulics to support at high amplitudes of oscillation. [Video presentation : how tuned mass damper work]

B. Tuned mass damper carries out the main function of avoiding Taipei 101 from collapse. 1. Tuned mass damper function when Taipei 101 hits by wind load and face earthquake by carry some responsibility, such as, to cut the vibration that hit Taipei 101 around 40%.

2. When Taipei 101 can face the typhoons and vibration from earthquake, by absorb this vibration then transmit it to the 8 hydraulic pistons to balancing it.

Listener relevance: By knowing the tuned mass damper, we can understand that the important of tuned mass damper for the skyscraper, to maintain the building from collapse and as attraction to the people. Although, the tuned mass damper need large space to install, but, it is very economical solution that can be used to absorb the vibration, by compare to the...
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