Damage Control in Professional Baseball Players Career

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Damage Control in Professional Baseball Players Career

CGD318: Public Relations Practices & Promotional Writing

Damage Control in Professional Baseball Players Career
I have recently been approached by a professional baseball player to assist in a Public Relations campaign to improve public opinion by placing favorable stories about the baseball star in the media. This request comes after suspicion that the player has used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. This player has not been found guilty but his agent has admitted in confidence that he has indeed participated in taking substances that was unknown to him, and may have been steroids.

Ethically, I believe that it is important to be honest with the public in this case. I believe that our firm should consider going forth with this campaign in an effort to restore the player’s reputation by admitting guilt and publically announcing that the player will seek proper counseling. The best way to do this is in the form of a press conference where the player addresses the issues head on and welcomes a number of questioning from the media. This will humanize the player. It is my opinion that the public opinion of this player can be restored and the player can then later take part in drug awareness programs in the future to further improve his image.

It has become evident that the use of performance enhancing drugs has been taking place in professional sports for some time (Knoblauch, 2010). This is an opportunity to shed light on this issue and bring positivity out of a negative situation. It is possible that this athlete may suffer irreparable damage to his baseball career and at this point and damage control in PR may be the only way for this player to avoid further legal issues. As recent as July 2009, Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz admitted to having a positive drug test in the past (BBC, 2009). Ortiz publicly admitted illegal drug use and still has his reputation intact. The same...
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