Dalmen and Lei Sandwich Blitz Unit 8 Assignment

Topics: Management, Inspector Clouseau, Government Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Unit 8 Assignment
Dalmen has just been informed by one of his location managers that at this particular location, they are in violation of new local health codes. Each of the Sandwich blitz locations is situated on very small parcels of land. This contributed to lower operating expenses for the business and was considered by Dalmen and Lei a competitive advantage. With the new local health codes, the location of their out buildings, which encloses the trash dumpsters, are in violation of these codes. The government inspector has told the location manager that he would be willing to overlook and approve the violation in exchange for providing food for his department’s holiday party. The location manager has conveyed this information to Dalmen. After reviewing the Eight Steps in “Rethinking Integrity,” By Sherman, Stratford, I believe that Dalmen and the location manager need to “Do the Right Thing.” Doing the right thing entails being aware of what’s right and it comes with the obligation of taking the right action. This means standing up for your principles and accepting the consequences. The most influential attribute a business can have in integrity. I believe that when business integrity is present within the company and not just on the surface, it becomes the most vital part of the company’s philosophy, and can determine whether or not it succeeds or fails. Integrity begins with the company leader who understands and adheres to the qualities of integrity. I believe that with everything I have read about Sandwich Blitz and Dalmen and Lei, the business is sound and was based on integrity. By “doing what is right,” Dalmen and Lei have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to expand their business to several locations and continually make a profit. By not “doing what is right” in this instance, it would destroy everything they were founded upon. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration when operating a company. Every...
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