Dallas Museum of Art Project

Topics: Fauvism, Color, André Derain Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: October 25, 2007
Dallas Museum of Art Project

Example (pg. 504 in your book)

1.Andre Derain, View of Collioure, 1905, Fauvism.

2.Landscape, oil on canvas

a.Color: the use of color is a predominant visual element. The very warm color Derain uses creates an emotional effect of playfulness and warmth. b.Rhythm: rhythm, a principle of design, is based on repetition, and the repetition of the bright colored brushstrokes in the bottom half of the painting create a sense of movement, as if the wind is blowing the grass. Also, these rhythmic strokes move your eye around the painting.

4.CONTENT: the content of this painting is a landscape of a town by the sea. It fits into the Fauvist style because of the time period; the very bright colors used; abstract characteristics of image; and shallow perspective. This painting illustrates the experimentation of the fauvist artists with freeing the role of color in describing objects. Derain employs color to convey a sense of emotion, rather that depict objects and scenes realistically.

5.I selected this painting because I am drawn to it because of the color and the short choppy marks of the brush. The colors convey a sense of warmth, and the marks convey a light and breezy atmosphere. View of Collioure reminds me of a small seaside village on the coast in the south of France I saw when I was traveling there. It was very picturesque and inviting, and the colors I saw were very vivid, as they are in the painting.
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