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Émile Jaques-Dalcroze (July 6, 1865 – July 1, 1950), was a Swiss composer, musician and music educator who developed eurhythmics, a method of learning and experiencing music through movement. BASIC PRINCIPLES

Inherent in his method are these basic principles &endash; truths he believed to be omnipresent. These six principles are: •The beginning of music happens when human emotions are translated into musical motion; •We experience emotions physically;

•Through our sensations of various muscular contractions and releases in our bodies, we sense emotion; •The body expresses internal emotions by externalizing affect through movements, postures, gestures, and sounds. Some of these are automatic, some spontaneous, and others the results of thought and will; •Internal emotions are translated into music through motions such as breathing, singing or playing an instrument; •The first instrument that must be trained in music is the human body.  

Choksy (1986) defines Eurhythmics as follows: "Eurhythmics . . . is . . . based on the premise that rhythm is the primary element of music, and that the source for all rhythm may be found in the natural rhythms of the body." Eurhythmics integrates three approaches: • Solfège (the study of theory, harmony, and scales);

• Improvisation (the development of a unified internal ear and body); • Rhythmics (the exploration of inner and outer effects of rhythm in relation to the above two elements).

Further, Jaques-Dalcroze developed a formula for the production of Eurhythmia:

Space + Time + Energy + Weight + Balance + Plasticity = Eurhythmia

The best music happens when all of the above are balanced.
The Jaques-Dalcroze method seemingly redefines the basic elements of music to fit within scientific definitions. It is a well established fact that all things are made up of matter. Matter is comprised of energy. Matter flows...
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