Daisy Gatsby

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Daisy is depicted as superficial and rather selfish through the way she behaves as both a mother and an individual.

Daisy is fully aware that she is charming and flirtatious as she is always giggly no matter who she is with, including Gatsby whom she knows is in love with her. As Daisy observed Gatsby in this passage, she laughed “her sweet, exciting laugh” which makes her sound as if her voice is very endearing towards men as her voice is full of happiness, and what Gatsby identifies with luxury. The impression of her is that she is very light hearted and carefree as Daisy has a lot of personal problems which she chooses to ignore as she does not often want to deal with reality, such as Gatsby loving her so passionately and her having an affair with him, whilst she is still married to Tom.

Another impression of Daisy that I get, is that she is rather selfish because she acts unhappy when she comments that Tom is “holding down the receiver” and she even said that “cynically” as if she is worried and accusing him of adultery, although she herself is having an affair outside her marriage. An impression of Daisy being hypocritical is further enforced by how she cried “I don’t care!” when Jordon mentioned that she shouldn’t speak so openly about her feelings with Gatsby and that it was rather disrespectful of her to say that she should kiss Nick too, proves that she thinks it is okay for her to have an affair and not care, but not for her husband to have one and not give her his full attention. Daisy is also rather selfish as she does what she wants when she wants as she orders even her own husband around to do things for her such as getting him to “make us a cold drink” and whilst Tom was gone, went over to kiss Gatsby. One gets the impression that Daisy is rather impulsive and has no guilt whatsoever. Another selfish act of Daisy is also the fact that when she is showing off her daughter, she claims “She looks like me. She’s got my hair and shape of the face”...
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