Dairy Farming Project Report

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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Dairy Farming Project Report Index (to be elaborated)
 i) Nature and objectives of the proposed scheme
ii) Details of proposed investments
iii) Specification of the project area
iv) Name of the financing bank branch
v) Status of beneficiary :( individual/Partnership/Company/Corporation/Co-operative Society / Others) vi) Details of borrowers profile
(a) Capability
(b) Experience
(c) Financial Soundness
(d) Technical/Other special Qualifications
(e) Technical/Managerial Staff and adequacy thereof 

a) Location, Land and Land Development :
 i) Location details of the project
ii) Total Area of land and its cost
iii) Site map
iv) Particulars of land development, fencing, gates, etc. b) Civil Structures:
Detailed cost estimates along with measurements of various civil structures - Sheds
- Store room
- Milk room
- Quarters, etc.
c) Equipment/Plant and Machinery:
 i) Chaff cutter 
ii) Silo pit
iii) Milking machine
iv) Feed grinder and mixer 
v) Milking pails/milk cans
vi) Biogas plant
vii) Bulk coolers
viii)Equipment for manufacture of products
ix) Truck/van (price quotations for the above equipments)

d) Housing :
 i) Type of housing
ii) Area requirement
- Adults
- Heifers (1-3 years)
- Calves (less than 1 year)
e) Animals :
 i) Proposed species
ii) Proposed breed
iii) Source of purchase
iv) Place of purchase
v) Distance (km.)
vi) Cost of animal (Rs.)

f) Production parameters :
 i) Order of lactation
ii) Milk yield (ltrs. per day)
iii) Lactation days
iv) Dry days
v) Conception rate
vi) Mortality(%)
- Adults
- Young stock
g) Herd projection (with all assumptions) :
h) Feeding :
i) Source of fodder and feed
- Green fodder 
- Dry fodder
- Concentrates
ii) Fodder crop rotations
- Kharif 
- Rabi
- Summer 
iii) Fodder cultivation expenses
iv) Requirement and costs :

Quantity required (kg./day)
| |Cost(rs/kg) |Lactation |Dry Period |Young Stock | |Green Fodder | | | | | |Dry Fodder | | | | | |Concentrats | | | | |

I) Breeding Facilities :
 i) Source :
ii) Location :
iii) Distance (km.) :
iv) Availability of semen :
v) Availability of staff :
vi) Expenditure per animal/year 

J) Veterinary Aid :
 i) Source
ii) Location
iii) Distance (km.)
iv) Availability of labour and other staff 
v) Types of facilities available
vi) If own arrangements are made
a) Employed a veterinary doctor/stockman/consultant b) Periodicity of visit
c) Amount paid/visit (Rs.)
vii)Expenditure per animal per year (Rs.)

k) Electricity :
i) Source
ii) Approval from Bihar State electricity Board
iii) Connected load
iv) Problems of power failure
v) Arrangements...
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