Daily Routine/Stress. a Life in Your Day. How Good Are You at Managing Your Time?

Topics: Housekeeping, Homemaker, Time Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Daily routine/Stress. A life in your day. How good are you at managing your time?

I’ m the typical representative of present young generation, doing my best to combine daily routine staff, like household chores, with university studies and leisure. My tight schedule never allows me to procrastinate and put off doing necessary and important daily tasks. So I try to manage my time and not just go with the flow.

At roughly 06.45 a. m. my alarm clock buzzes, it literally blasts me into awareness of the morning. As I’m a big fan of having a great lie-in, every day I have to experience morning stress, however a quick shower benefits both my health and my mood! Finally dressed and with my hair and face done, I get a chance to watch morning TV shows and news, while enjoying delicious mum’s breakfast! I takes me about an hour to wake up and get ready.

At 7.45 I set off for the Academy. My way to the university is always long and exhausting, as I use underground and public transport during the rush hours. It’s a real disaster as crowds of people are forever shuttlecocking and coming in on me! So it’s not easy to get to the Academy dead on time, that’s why I’m sometimes late for the lectures.

I usually enjoy studying if I’m up-to-date with my homework. I hate the feeling of being behind with anything. I enjoy Academy mainly because of the number of friends I have there. I also hate being along. Another good reason for coming is a high level of education in different subjects like math, language, economics and others. At noon students have a fourty-minute lunch break, so I go on a binge or starve myself. I usually starve for two reasons: either to make up for the binge, which took place the previous day, or to save money.

After spending 5-6 hours at the lectures, practicals and tutorials, I either can unwind and recharge my batteries at the swimming pool, or go home and help mum with housework. In the evening tired of cleaning, washing and ironing, I have to...
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