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Topics: English-language films, Olfaction, Pakistani cuisine Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: January 27, 2013
I woke up at twelve fifteen today which is pretty early for me. Mom kept telling me to wake up because it was almost breakfast so I eventually got up. As I walked to the door with my eyes barely open I sniffed a very pleasant and familiar odour. It was the ever so elegant smell of freshly made pancake batter, with some sort of candy I don’t know the name of. There was also some weird person in the house who was waiting to train me something; however I don’t know how I already knew that. I felt like a lion that could smell the scent of any prey. Thinking I would get a stimulation of encouragement to get ready faster, I felt I was running through the day. I quickly brushed and got into the shower, but then something peculiar happened. I heard my mom calling my name but when I called back she didn’t reply. I started shouting my name then I slipped just to find out I was still in bed. I just had one funky dream. The weird thing was I don’t even like pancakes.

My mom had just passed out the door, I called her but she didn’t come back. This time knowing I wasn’t dreaming I slowly got up and brushed. After, I went into the kitchen to see what my mom was making, it was pancakes, however no candy. I ate the pancakes with relieve, and when I was done I chugged two cups of milk. Then, I finally acted like it was a normal day. I went down stairs and played Halo 4 for an hour, then took a shower (with no strange events occurring). As I finished showering I noticed that my deodorant was missing so I would end up smelling like a donkey. Therefore, I went crazy on soap and ended up getting some on my eyes. It felt like they were burning out luckily if I keep my eye lids closed I wouldn’t feel the burning sensation. So I just finished up on the soap, put on some conditioner, and finished. I put on some home clothes. Before I knew it the burning sensation stopped and I started doing some homework until 3:45. Then I played Halo 4 again, because it was too cold to go outside. In...
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