Daily Journal: a Day in My Life

Topics: Sociology, Family, Social class Pages: 5 (1713 words) Published: March 4, 2012
A day in my life

Victoria A. Solis

SOCI111, American Military University

16 February, 2012

Daily Journal

I woke up at 5.00am this morning after a decent rest. I felt energetic because I slept early yesterday at around 9pm. I jumped out of bed and tidied my room saving time for my morning jog. Later I went down stairs and found mum already up and watching her favorite morning sermon on television. I greeted her and asked for my brother: he was still asleep; he is not as hardworking as I am. I took the dog and told mom I was going jogging. Once out of the gate I started jogging slowly into the nearby park where my friends and I go jogging every morning and on weekends. I had jogged for about half an hour when I met Cindy one of my neighbors, and childhood girlfriend, we said hello to each other, and she joined me. We chatted along as we jogged and an after an hour of exercising and stretching together, we parted ways. I headed home for a shower and breakfast before going to school. I reached the house and left my dog, Max downstairs as I rushed upstairs and took a 10-minute shower. Later I dressed up into one of my favorite skinny jeans and a flowered blouse; because I was meeting mom after work for coffee to catch up about my life. I took my bag and laptop and headed downstairs where mom had already set the breakfast table; omelet’s and milk for my brother and me. I sat down, took breakfast in a rush, and said bye to everyone as rushed outside because my friend was waiting for me outside to head to school. Once I arrived to the University I rushed to my first lesson of the day, English literature that started at 8 am. I was eager for this class because I like literature and the professor is exceptionally kind. The lesson was entertaining as we discussed poems on love and recited them with desk mates. At 9.00am, the lesson ended as fast as it had started. Soon I was in math and later history classes, which lasted 45minutes each before recess at 9.30. At recess, I went out to the garden to chat online with my cousin Gladwell, who had moved with her family to Vienna. We chatted for some time before recess was over and I went back for more lessons in Chemistry. Chemistry was my last class for the day and I did not have to return to school for another two days. By one, I was through with classes, so I called mom to pick me up for coffee. She came at around two and found me at the Library finishing the evening assignment for the day. We headed to town and had coffee with tasty pieces of chocolate cakes until 5.30pm. We talked about school work. I told mom about my new boyfriend Jack, and she was extremely happy but shocked at the same time. Before driving home, we passed by the grocery shop and had bought some products for making dinner that evening before driving home. Once home at 6.30pm mom sent me upstairs to shower and finish up on homework, same to my brother as she made dinner. I cleared both my online homework and my homework for the classes that I take on campus, and at 7.30, I joined her and my brother at the table for dinner. We prayed, and had the delicious pasta she had made for us with chicken as we shared jokes and laughed. By 8.30, after eating and clearing up the table, I washed the dishes just in time for prayers at 9pm before we all parted for bed. After that, I went upstairs and got into bed.

My Day started as early as five o’clock in the morning, not that it was my family’s expectation of me, but to me that was my interpretation responsibility in a family unit. Family is a social unit representing people who live together and united by marriage, adoption or birth (Anderson, 2005). My family being a social unit, had unity, because we related to each other by blood. Responsibility is a key issue to any social unit. Being a teenager, I had to ensure my room was neat before school and walk the dog before being asked to do so. Communication is essential in any social...
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