Dahlia Case

Topics: Marketing, Term, Economics Pages: 3 (362 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Dahlia Furniture Private Limited
i.Time Context
February 2013
ii.View Points
Mr. Peter LimMr. Chua Boon KangMr. Leong Sim Lam iii.Major Policy Statement
Our company Dahlia Furniture Private Limited is a local furniture industry, we supplies usually kitchen cabinets, wall units, bedrooms set and dining set. We have metal and wood furniture sets. iv.Current Business Policies

Integrated Management System Policy
Grassroots Marketing and Niche Marketing
Free shipping here in Manila but it will be charge if its outside Manila Finance
Corporate Financial Policy
HR Policies
Work culture, New recruits and exit exploits.

v.Statement of the problem
What can the company do to improve their current company’s position?
vi.Statement of Objectives.

Long term – To become the largest manufacturer of furniture and exporter in the furniture industry.

Short term – To maximize the profit of the company.

vii.SWOT Analysis
* Safe Environment
* Good quality of the products
* Run the new division with the present set of designers.

* Dahlia’s market share has become eroded by some big players in the decreasing revenues from current product * Poor management

* Change the production lines because market supply of modern furniture was not keeping up with the increasing demand.

* Powerful competitors.
* Other companies offer lower prices.

viii. Alternative Courses of Action

* Extend its production unit and contend with competitors through lowering prices. * Buy imported products
* Continue selling high quality and fairly expensive image with clients.

ix.Analysis Of Alternatives

Advantages A
* No overhead cost
* Smaller units of products
* Free from hiring more labors
Disadvantages A
* It could not cater mass market...
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