Dabur Coke Case Study

Topics: Coca-Cola, Cola, Pepsi Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: August 27, 2012
This case study deals with the way dabur and coca-cola reformed themselves after going through loss in their business , by improving their HR policy . Coca – cola Problems

* It all started with Coca-Cola India’s , when they had changed 4 CEOS in 7 years . * Its rival pepsi was surging ahead , and there was huge employee evacuation and media reporting negatively about the company * This all lead to a heavy loss in india and japan , as they had overestimated the voloume of sales in india * Due to this loss coca-cola had to write off or sell its assets in india .

Coca-cola Reformation

1. After realizing the loss in the company , the company thought of reforming their HR policy and improving their organisation policy also. 2. With the merger of coca-cola india and coca cola beverages the significance of HR was introduced. 3. With the formation of HR team , the country was divided into six regions with area managers, regional manager who directly were to be reported to VP(operations) and then directly to the CEO. 4. Coca-cola started with a VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) for some employees 5. As a part of their reformation plan , the company started a strategy to make it a “people-driven company”. 6. HR policies were made that regional managers were to be reported top management every twice a year to promote employees and trainees would be sent to the overseas for training or internship . 7. They took a cost – reduction step .

* The company also decided not to buy or hire new cars
* Salaries were also restructured as part of this cost-reduction plan

8. The company faced a problem from northern india in 2000. 9. Coca-Cola appointed Arthur Anderson to inspect the accounts of the North India operations 10. The findings revealed that the North Indian team had violated discounting terms and the credit policy, apart from being unfair in cash dealings 11. The team was giving discounts that were five times...
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