D2: Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Aging on Health and Social Care Provision

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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P5: Explain the strategies and methods that can be used to support children, young people and their families where abuse is suspected or confirmed M3: Assess strategies and methods used to minimise the harm to children, young people and their families where abuse is confirmed D2: Justify responses where child maltreatment or abuse is suspected or confirmed, making reference to current legislation and policies

In this piece of coursework I’m going to use four scenarios of suspected child abuse. I am going to use them to explain strategies and methods that can be used to support the victim whether the abuse of suspected or confirmed. Evaluate the effectiveness/quality of the methods used to minimise harm to the victim. And justify the responses by the people involved in a suspected case of maltreatment using current legislation to back up the validity of their responses. Scenario 1

‘’A Thirteen year old girl has been admitted to hospital after parents say she fell down the stairs and broke her leg. The nurses find other harsh bruises on other parts of her body. Nurses are also suspicious how the girl doesn’t look like she has a bond with her mother, who doesn’t come to visit her very often’’ This scenario shows an abuse risk by the parent

In order to support the child/young person in their time of need. You need to be respectful and not force her into saying things. The advantage of this is once she trusts you she will feel more comfortable talking about anything going on at home. But the disadvantage may be that she won’t tell you much at all as she feels there are no urgency to. The support should be child centred; the advantage of this is everything is done for the benefit of the child. Making sure that counselling is focussed on the child and moving the child if needed. The disadvantage could be that they could feel overwhelmed by the experience. Active support means getting support from everyone the child encounters and that they feel supported; the...
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