D1 Legal Requirments of Tesco Ethics

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Unit 14 – D1 Legal requirements Tesco required to follow
In my report I will be identifying the legal responsibilities that Tesco would need to comply with by the law and I will be evaluating if they follow these legally requirements and are they ethically. I will be researching different articles and research about how Tesco have handled with different situations in respect with the law and ethically. Discrimination Act 1975 – Tesco

Overview of the Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 – Tesco
The Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005 aim to ensure that disabled people are treated in a fair and equal way. The Acts place duties on providers of goods, facilities and services and make it unlawful for a service provider to discriminate against a disabled person: * By refusing to provide (or deliberately not providing) any service which it provides to other members of the public; or * By providing a lesser standard of service for disabled people. The 2005 Act covers all functions of public bodies, not just services and therefore includes the provision of paths, etc. Other changes included a requirement on public bodies to positively promote disability equality by: * Explaining how you will promote equality for disabled people * Challenging discrimination against disabled people

* Helping to remove barriers for all disabled people.
Does Tesco follow this law?
Tesco follow the legal requirements because in their stores they offer disabled car parking spaces they also offer mobility scooters and trolleys to less accessible people who can’t get around the store and need assistance in store. They also offer a service called loop hearing to customers who have disability problems with their hearing and that helps them function and hear the members of staff at Tesco which helps the customer out. Tesco also have in their stores accessible toilets so anyone with any disability problems can access that facility. Does Tesco ethically...
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