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Topics: Health care, Health, Person Pages: 19 (3172 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Diploma Children & Young People’s Workforce
QCF Level 3

Workbook no.4

Assessment & Planning


I have gone through these. You have made a good start. I have given you pointers on most of them so you can see the type of detail needed. Have a go and send the amendments back. Please write amendments in a different colour so I can easily see them. More detail in particular to numbers 7 – 17.

|1. explain the value of a child centred model of assessment and planning |The value of a child centred model is, each model is tailored to the | |(unit 17) |individual child, which will focus on that individuals needs and areas | | |that need addressing. | | | | | |That all needs are discussed and plans put in place review dates set for | | |progress and monitoring outcomes. All agencies know where progress is | | |made and extra support needed that child is involved kept up to date that| | |child is heard. | | | | | |House of Resilience reports are completed identifying the specific areas| | |that need to be addressed for the young person to progress | |2. explain how to identify the needs of children and young people (unit |Identifying the needs of a young person can be done by: reviewing | |17) |paperwork, information from previous placements and other professionals | | |who have access to the young person. Asking the young person what their | | |needs are and determining how those needs can be met. | | | | | |Physical needs are met how | | |Emotional needs how | | |Education needs how | | |Etc | | | | | |Physical needs; registration at G.Ps, dentist, opticians. Ensuring the | | |young person is in good health and has access to suitable health care. | |...
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