Cyril Ross Nursery

Topics: HIV, Immune system, AIDS Pages: 8 (2511 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Name: Shirmelle Moore
Student ID#: 00025733
Course: Pediatric and Adolescent Care
Assignment: Visit to Cyril Ross Nursery - Report
Lecturer: Alicia Walker

Pediatric and Adolescence Care Assignment
Cyril Ross Nursery
The History of Cyril Ross Nursery
The Cyril Ross Nursery was named after Fr. Cyril Ross, who was a Catholic Priest assigned to the St. Charles parish in Tunapuna. The Nursery is one of seventeen institutions of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and it is the only one for children. Initially it was used as a Day Nursery to accommodate children of working single parents. When the service was no longer needed the location was temporally used to house senior citizens from the Arima home, also operated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. In the year 1992 a decision was taken to utilize the building as home for HIV + children who were abandoned at the Port of Spain General Hospital. When the home started three (3) children (all of whom are still alive) were brought from the hospital, and over the years our numbers have grown to forty. The Nursery is the only one if it kind operating in the country that addresses the need of children living with HIV and AIDS both as residents and out-patients. Most of the children were placed here by Social Workers from the Port of Spain, San Fernando, Mt. Hope and Scarborough Hospitals. During the first eight years seventeen children died, however with the granting of free medication by the Government in 2002, we have had not deaths.

Cyril Ross Nursery is a caring family with committed partners who respond appropiately to the medical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of our children and support the development of our partners. Vision

To nurture our children to fulfill their purpose and destiny and to assist them to be confident builders of our nation.

 Core Values
* Love of God
* Gratitude
* Honesty
* Excellence
* Truth
* Co-operation
* Lasting meaningful relationships

Our Goals
* To develop the talents and skills of partners and children * To create an atmosphere of worship and relationship with God * To provide a clean safe environment
* To encourage a mood of music joy and laughter
* To celebrate each other success
* To speak kindly, encourage and support each other
* To encourage respectful self expression
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function. Infection with the virus results in the progressive deterioration of the immune system, leading to "immune deficiency." The immune system is considered deficient when it can no longer fulfill its role of fighting infection and disease. Infections associated with severe immunodeficiency are known as "opportunistic infections", because they take advantage of a weakened immune system. Most of these children acquire HIV from their HIV-infected mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. With efficacious interventions the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission can be reduced. More than 1,000 children are newly infected with HIV every day, and of these more than half will die as a result of AIDS because of a lack of access to HIV treatment. In addition, millions more children every year are indirectly affected by the epidemic as a result of the death and suffering caused in their families and communities. Preventing HIV infection, providing life prolonging treatment and relieving the impact of HIV and AIDS for children and their families and communities is possible. However, a lack of necessary investment and resources for adequate testing, antiretroviral drugs, and prevention programmes, as well as stigma and discrimination, mean children continue to suffer the consequences of the epidemic. There is no cure for HIV. However, with good and continued adherence to treatment the progression of the HIV in the body can be slowed down and almost...
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