Cyrano de Bergerac

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Jack Fassler
Mrs. Baker
English 10A
16 October 2012
The Power of Love
Edmond Rostand’s tragic drama Cyrano de Bergerac illustrates the life of Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, a poetic warrior, and his truculent adventures in love and war. Cyrano lives by the tip of his seemingly mile long sword and the edge of his even sharper tongue, but due to his titanic nose he is not accepted by women in society until he meets a new resident of Gascony named Christian de Neuvillette. Rostand displays Cyrano and Christian as foils of each other by illustrating their differences in appearance and wit, but illustrates how they combine their different characteristics to win the love of their angelic beloved whom they call Roxanne. Cyrano and Christian differ greatly in their appearance, which makes Cyrano hold an infinite amount of jealousy towards his fellow warrior. For example, “ ‘above his Toby ruff he carries a nose’ ” a nose too big to believe almost as if “ ‘he plays a joke on us’ ” (Rostand Act 1.Page 16). Throughout Cyrano’s story there are multiple examples of the gigantic blemish of a nose shading his body and to some around him it is a source of conversation as well as something comical. Although his adversary, Cyrano understands the gift Christian received in having such appealing physical characteristics. In another instance, Cyrano says “ ‘that good and valiant Christian...had great beauty’ ”, but his down fall is that “ ‘[he] is a dunce and...could kill [himself] of shame because of it’ ” (2.75, 4.124-125) In this example, Rostand displays Christian as a handsome and capable young man, but his unkempt wit demonstrates his only downfall. Christian and Cyrano hate one another from the beginning of the story, neither see eye to eye nor do they understand how much they could benefit from each other in the quest for Roxanne. Christian comprehends that he will never win Roxanne due to his stupidity, but “ ‘
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