Cypw Unit 025, What Do You Think?

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Unit 025 1.5
Task 6

Data protection rules restrict you from breaching client’s confidentiality. However it does not prevent you from sharing information if you have a concern of the welfare of a child such as suspicions about abuse or serious neglect. Data Protection Act 1998 allows disclosure for prevention or detection of crime or of it is required for a court order or statute. The local authority and its partner agencies may wish you to share details so that they can ensure that a particular child is using appropriate services and getting their needs fully met. Information that can be shared under these circumstances:

* Basic biographical details, e.g. name, name of person with parental responsibility, gender, DOB, address; * About the needs of the client and how they are being met and ‘sensitive information’ * If you have a written consent form and the professionals receiving the information have a genuine ‘need to know’ and follow the rules of confidentiality. Rules when sharing information:

* You must process information fairly and lawfully
* You must process personal information only for specified, limited purposes and not in a manner incompatible with those purposes. The personal information shall be:
* Adequate, relevant and not excessive;
* Accurate, and where necessary up to date;
* Kept for no longer than is necessary (e.g. as long as you need it to defend legal claims); * Processed in line with an individual’s rights;
* Kept secure;
* Transferred outside the European Economic Area only if there is adequate protection in those countries.

2.1 Task 7

Safeguarding is taken very seriously in childcare qualifications and a lot of work is put into this area. This is to ensure you understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people. If you don’t understand the policies and procedures of safeguarding you could affect someone’s live in many ways. You must understand how to deal with a...
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