Cypop5 Unit 2

Topics: Risk assessment, Food safety, Debut albums Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Carlene Nixon 20.3.2013 Unit 2Understand how to establish a safe and healthy home based environment for children Question 2.1 Knowledge

Explain the Key components of a healthy and safe home based environment. Answer 2.1The Key components are as follows; * Hygiene and waste disposal – As a home based childcare provider I will be offering hot meals and snacks, it is therefore important that this is done in hygienic conditions. Surfaces must be kept clean and sanitized before and after food is prepared. Toilet seats, taps and door handles should also be disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs. Waste disposal should also be done hygienically, by emptying them frequently and cleaning them thoroughly. Nappies should be wrapped and put in a separate bin outside to prevent any nasty odours in the house and when emptying potties this must be done down the toilet and NEVER down the wash basin. * Storage and preparation of food – When preparing and cooking food it is important to store it correctly by cooling it correctly wrapping it and storing it in the fridge or freezer. Temperatures should be 5®C and the Freezer should be 20®C to prevent the multiplying of bacteria. Raw meat should be covered and stores on the bottom shelf of the fridge on a shelf. Food should not be used after the ‘use by date’. Frozen food should be thawed thoroughly before cooking and should never be re- frozen. * Care of animals – If there were to be pets in the home, floors would need to be cleaned after they had been fed to prevent bacteria multiplying and to reduce the risk of attracting pests. Care needs to be taken to keep the feeding dishes out of reach of the children. The animals would also need to be regularly wormed, de-flead and inoculated to prevent the risk of diseases spreading to the children. The garden should be cleared...
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