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Cognitive Theories

Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a cognitive theorist in 1896 – 1980. He had a way of how children learned, which was that they go through stages and sequences throughout their lives and they are active learners. He used firsthand experience to learn he also learned how to change what they learned into using behaviour.

He did not clearly state the importance of social and emotional aspects of learning and did not focus the attention on social relationships as much as other social constructivists. He took the social and emotional development for granted, and he also did not write it to detail, he wrote the importance of intellectual development. Piaget’s theory is called constructivist.

A Schema is a structured group of concepts, it can be used to point out objects, scenarios or sequences of events or relations. The original idea was proposed by philosopher Immanuel Kant as innate structures used to help us become aware of the world.

He had ideas like:

Assimilation - the process by which a person takes material into their mind from the environment, which may mean changing the evidence of their senses to make it fit. 

Accommodation - The difference made to one's mind or concepts by the process of assimilation. Note that assimilation and accommodation go together: you can't have one without the other. 

Conversation - The realisation that objects or sets of objects stay the same even when they are changed about or made to look different. 


Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner was born in 1915 and is 95yrs old and is also a cognitive theorist. The essence of Bruner’s theory is that children learn through:

➢ Doing (act out modes of learning)
➢ Imaging things that they done(iconic mode of learning) ➢ Making what they know into using codes for example talking, writing or drawing(this is called symbolic...
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